Frequently Asked Questions


What time zone are you in?

Pacific Time. That’s UTC-8, or UTC-7 during the United States’ observation of daylight savings.


Do you like shorts?

Of course, they’re easy and comfy to wear! I just love my miniskirts more.


What graphics tablet do you have?

A Kanvas Artist 127. My father gave me this tablet many years ago and it serves me pretty well.


Do you have a Wii/Xbox/PS/etc?

I only have Nintendo consoles. To date, and in chronological order:

I also have a working SNES Mini (from the 90s, not the multi-game emulator that came out recently) I acquired long after they were off the main market.


What computer do you have? What is your computer’s specs?

My main computer (which is also the computer I stream from) is a self-built desktop with an AMD Ryzen 7, Radeon RX 580, and 32 GiB of RAM. My previous system (which is available as a backup) is also a self-built desktop with a water-cooled AMD FX-8320, Radeon RX 470, and 32 GiB RAM.

I also have a few other computers, but my main one is what people ask about all the time.

What markup/programming/etc. languages do you know/have experience with?

Want an exhaustive list? Okay…


Operating Systems

Android Yes, I have a cell phone. How else would I mysteriously admin chats even when I’m offline?
The Linux Kernel This needs no explanation.
Microsoft Windows 7 I got it for free.
Microsoft Windows 10 I got it for free too. Miraculously works quite well unlike all other encounters I’ve had with it.

Art, Design, & Music

Affinity Designer Highly comparable to Adobe Illustrator. Much better price point too.
Aseprite When I’m pixel pushing.
Paint.NET Excellent for quick simple stuff or mock-ups.
Paint Tool SAI  

Music & Video

OBS Studio So you can actually see something when I stream!
PreSonus Studio One Artist Came free with a VSTi I bought. Works pretty well for me, but the lact of VST support out of the box is an annoyance. (It’s like a $70 upgrade.)
Sekaiju A nice little MIDI sequencer. Most of the time when I compose, I start here.
SynthFont 2 MIDI player with configurable software SoundFont support; been using it (and the first version) for over a decade.


Apache HTTP Server Used it for years. Serves me quite well.
Atom I used it to write up this very website!
Git Made my life a LOT easier.
Programmer’s Notepad Way more useful than Microsoft’s notepad.
Microsoft Visual Studio Mainly used for compiling C and C++ stuff.


BASH I think like it? I definitely use quite it a lot.
CMD.exe Because I don’t always need to use bash.
ls Unix folks will understand what I mean here.
Windows Explorer If you think this is a web browser, you’re very, very WRONG.