Frequently Asked Questions


What time zone are you in?

Pacific Time. That’s UTC-8, or UTC-7 during the observation of daylight savings time. This may change in the future, as there are some talks about possibly switching to either UTC offset permanently.


Do you like shorts?

Of course, they’re easy and comfy to wear! I just love my miniskirts more.


What graphics tablet do you have?

A Kanvas Artist 127. My father gave me this tablet many years ago and it serves me pretty well.


Do you have a Wii/Xbox/PS/etc?

I only have Nintendo consoles. To date, and in chronological order:

I also have a working SNES Mini (from the 90s, not the multi-game emulator that came out recently) I acquired long after they were off the main market.


What computer do you have? What is your computer’s specs?

My main computer (which is also the computer I stream from) is a self-built desktop with an AMD Ryzen 9 3900X, Radeon RX 5700 XT, and 64 GiB of RAM.

I also have a few other computers, but my main one is what people ask about all the time.

What markup/programming/etc. languages do you know/have experience with?

Want an exhaustive list? Okay…


Operating Systems

Android Yes, I have a cell phone. How else would I mysteriously admin chats even when I’m offline?
The Linux Kernel This needs no explanation.
Microsoft Windows 10 I got it for free too. Miraculously works quite well unlike all other encounters I’ve had with it.

Art, Design, & Music

Affinity Designer Highly comparable to Adobe Illustrator. Much better price point too.
Aseprite When I’m pixel pushing.
Clip Studio Paint EX My general go to for drawing as well as painting textures. I’m still learning to use it well though.
Paint.NET Excellent for quick simple stuff or mock-ups.

Music & Video

OBS Studio So you can actually see something when I stream!
PreSonus Studio One Artist Came free with a VSTi I bought. Works pretty well for me, but the lact of VST support out of the box is an annoyance. (It’s like a $70 upgrade.)
Sekaiju A nice little MIDI sequencer. Most of the time when I compose, I start here.
SynthFont 2 MIDI player with configurable software SoundFont support; been using it (and the first version) for over a decade.


Apache HTTP Server Used it for years. Serves me quite well.
Git Made my life a LOT easier.
Visual Studio Code Mainly used for compiling C and C++ stuff.


BASH I think like it? I definitely use quite it a lot.
CMD.exe Because I don’t always need to use bash.
ls Unix folks will understand what I mean here.
Windows Explorer If you think this is a web browser, you’re very, very WRONG.